Getting Started

Here’s some information to help you get started if you are considering billboard advertising in your future.

What dates are you considering your message to be seen? Contact us to check current availability, or click our availability tab. If you’d like us to keep your information on file for any future openings, please call or email to discuss so we have your contact information on our waiting list.

Next, you’ll want to start thinking about what type of design you’d like to see on the billboard. Remember that less is more when it comes to billboard design. A passing motorist only has around 6 seconds to read a sign as they are passing by. Consider an image or photo along with a short written message or bullet points. You may also want to incorporate a phone number or location of your business.

You can take a look at our Gallery section of some of the past designs we have displayed. These designs are not only from our designer, but a few others we’ve worked with as well. I think it has a good sample of different designs so you can see some that are concise and others that contain a little more information.

We do offer graphic design and printing services through C Side Creative LLC. We have partnered with C Side for several years now, and they have extensive knowledge in the design process needed for a 14 x 48 billboard, and also take care of contacting and sending art files to the printer for the printing of the vinyl that will be displayed on the billboard structure. C Side will work with you and your design concept ideas, allowing revisions, until you are happy with the final design.

As an alternative, if you already have a relationship with a graphic designer, you may choose to have them create your billboard design. We just like to remind people that their designer should be experienced in billboard design to be sure they come up with an effective, concise, and easy to read message. Our billboards are 14’ x 48’ in size, referred to as bulletin size.

The billboard vinyl is printed on a unique extra-wide printer, all in one big piece. It is then shipped to us for final inspection, prep for hanging on the sign, and installation as per contract, weather permitting. We do the installation ourselves, so are very flexible with getting vinyls hung in a timely manner, and making sure the vinyl is smooth on the sign.

Once we have target dates for display in mind and the design process is underway, you’ll sign a contract. Once the vinyl goes up on the sign, we will take digital photos and send to you for your records. An invoice is sent out once the sign is on display, and is due within 30 days. Invoices are sent each month until the contract is complete. We start the contract the day of installation through the day of removal of the vinyl.

If you’re having your vinyl produced on your own, please have it shipped to:
Keith Rausch • Parkway Farms, Inc.
12678 Industrial Parkway • Marysville, OH 43040